Tales of the Were

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Tales of the Were

The Purrfect Stranger

A blind date turns magical when a werecougar and a witch bridge the chasm between their very separate worlds.

Valerie Faber comes from a long line of mages of incredible power. Clan Faber is so skilled, they teach other mages how to use their abilities. All, except for Valerie. What little power she does have seems to be in the realm of housepets and familiars. Not very useful to a Clan used to epic abilities.

Keith is a werecougar with a mixed heritage that makes him a little different from the rest of his Clan. He's overcome it all to become the local Alpha, but he hasn't yet found the woman who can make him purr in human form.

A blind date brings them together, though rarely do shifters mix with mages. After a tempestuous night together, Keith is hot on Valerie's trail - with the help of her feline friends and a little interference from a well-meaning family member. He'll do anything to keep Valerie in his life, including stalking her in Clan Faber's magical fortress.

Main Characters:

  • Keith Redstone - Alpha werecougar and construction foreman for his cousin's company, Keith builds housing developments and has a mixed heritage.
  • Valerie Faber - A failed witch with little power of her own, she is from a proud family of mages that teach others how to use their magic.

The Purrfect Stranger

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* Please Note: This is a short story, designed as a promotional piece done exclusively for All Romance eBooks for a period of three years. After that time period has run, it will be made available more widely, with a different cover. Until then, you can buy many different ebook formats directly from ARe.

What the Critics are Saying...

5 Ravens from Lea at Black Ravens Reviews!

"...a fun, romantic romp with witches, werecats, familiars and love."

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