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Tales of the Were: Grif
Redstone Clan #1

Griffon Redstone is the eldest of five brothers and the leader of one of the most influential shifter Clans in North America. He seeks solace in the mountains, away from the horrific events of the past months, for both himself and his young sister. The deaths of their older sister and mother have hit them both very hard.

Lindsey Tate is human, but very aware of the werewolf Pack that lives near her grandfather's old cabin. She's come to right a wrong her grandfather committed against the Pack and salvage what's left of her family's honor - if the wolves will let her. Mostly, they seem intent on running her out of town on a rail.

But the golden haired stranger, Grif, comes to her rescue more than once. He stands up for her against the wolf Pack and then helps her fix the old generator at the cabin, making it habitable for her while she completes her task. He's friendly and all too attractive, but she has a job to do, regardless of the cost to herself or her budding relationship with the local handyman.

When she performs the ceremony she expects will end in her death, the shifter deity has other ideas and turns the tables on them all. Grif's dual nature is revealed and Lindsey learns there is much more going on than she thought.

Thrown together by fate, neither of them can deny the deep and true attraction between them. They come together, but in the end will an old enemy rip them apart?

Warning: Cats are frisky and they get up to all sorts of naughtiness, including a frenzy-induced multi-partner situation that might be a little intense for some readers. You have been warned.

Main Characters:

  • Griffon Redstone - The Alpha of the Redstone Clan, Grif is seeking solace in the mountains, away from all his responsibilities so that he and his little sister can heal from the tragedy in their lives.
  • Lindsey Tate - She has promised to put right a wrong her grandfather committed, no matter the cost.
  • Belinda Redstone - Traumatized by the death of her mother and older sister, Belinda is a shy, injured young girl on the verge of her teen years.
  • Steven Redstone - Ex-Special Forces, Steve is the second eldest Redstone brother. He and Grif are very close, having shared a lot of the same military experiences.
  • Matt Redstone - The youngest of the Redstone brothers, he's more of a playboy than the rest, but his loyalty to his family is unquestioned. When they need him, he's there. No matter what.

eBook ISBN 978-1301538676
Print ISBN 978-1492141228

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