Tales of the Were

Tales of the Were: Bobcat
Redstone Clan #4

Can Bob Redstone help a shifter woman hiding from her past, face the demons that shadowed her youth, or will they both fall while trying to prevent disaster?

On a mission far from home, he finds a sweet vulnerable lady...

Bob is a cougar shifter, one of the elite Redstone Alphas. On a mission for his Clan, he meets a fragile young woman, and finds himself drawn to her as never before.

A woman with a brutal past...

Serena is a bobcat shifter. Orphaned at the age of six, she was raised among humans until she was just barely a teen. Discovered by a Clan of unscrupulous bobcats, she was adopted and beaten on a regular basis because she refused to be a mule for their drug trade across the US-Canadian border. She doesn't have a lot of experience with men, but when she meets Bob Redstone, she finds him nearly irresistible.

A savage attack...

When their haven comes under siege, they take to the road. Bob has been tasked with keeping her safe, but they're also on a mission to find a mysterious warrior-shaman who's gone off the grid. Finding him means returning to Serena's former territory and possibly confronting those who abused her trust so badly, but they have no other choice.

Can she overcome her past to embrace the future with a man who could very well be her mate, or will the evil in her former Clan overpower their fragile, fledgling relationship?

Main Characters:

  • Bob "Bobcat" Redstone - Fourth brother in a line of five, he runs the finance department of the company business, Redstone Construction. He's a good choice to send when the Redstones need an ambassador to the Lords.
  • Serena - A bobcat shifter, she's escaped her abusive Clan and sought refuge with the Lords of all Were.

eBook ISBN 978-1311226174
Print ISBN 978-1499330328

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