Bianca D'Arc
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Following, is a pictoral list of all paranormal books written by Bianca D'Arc.
Click on the individual covers for more information on each book.

    Lords of the Were Inferno

The Tales of the Were includes several mini-series that follow related characters, in different parts of the world, including...

The Others    Rocky Slade

Redstone Clan    Grif Red Magnus Bobcat Matt The Purrfect Stranger

String of Fate    Cat's Cradle King's Throne Jacob's Ladder

One & Only Rare Vintage Phantom Desires Sweeter Than Wine Forever Valentine

Wolf Hills Wolf Quest

Guardians of the Dark Half Past Dead Once Bitten, Twice Dead A Darker Shade of Dead Dead Alert The Beast Within

     Warrior's Heart

     Tag Team

Series Chronology


  1. Lords of the Were - Allie, Rafe and Tim
  2. Inferno - Dante & Megan
  3. Rocky - Rocky & Maggie
  4. Slade - Slade & Kate
  5. The Purrfect Stranger - Keith & Valerie
  6. Cat's Cradle - Cade & Ellie
  7. Grif - Griffon & Lindsey
  8. Red - Steve & Trisha
  9. Magnus - Mag & Miranda
  10. King's Throne - Mitch & Gina
  11. Bobcat - Bob & Serena
  12. Jacob's Ladder - Jake & Ria
  13. Matt - Matt &


  1. Brotherhood of Blood
    • One & Only - Lissa & Atticus
    • Rare Vintage - Kelly & Marc
    • Phantom Desires - Carly & Dmitri
  2. Sweeter Than Wine - Christy & Sebastian
  3. Forever Valentine - Jena & Ian
  4. Wolf Hills - Sally & Jason
  5. Wolf Quest - Maria & Jesse

Please Note: While the Brotherhood of Blood and all the various sub-series of Tales of the Were are related, there are some outlyer books that are set in principally the same world, but dealing with other characters and situations. They are included here, under the paranormal banner because all of these books have some paranromal element.


  • Wolf Hills nominated for 2012 RT Magazine Award
  • Lords of the Were voted Australian Romance Readers Favourite Erotic Romance eBook of 2008
  • Lords of the Were was the #9 Best Seller for 2006 at Samhain Publishing
  • Sweeter Than Wine won Best Overall Paranormal Romance in the 2008 Fantasm Awards
  • Sweeter Than Wine was the January 2008 Pick of the Month at the All Romance Ebooks Book Club
  • Sweeter Than Wine voted Best Vampire Book of 2007 at Rites of Romance Reviews
  • Forever Valentine voted Best Paranormal Book of 2007 at Rites of Romance Reviews
  • Lords of the Were won the 2007 Fantasm Award for Best Overall Paranormal Romance
  • Rare Vintage (original edition) was a Finalist in the 2007 Fantasm Awards in the Best Vampire Romance category